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Entry #1

Wacom, here i come

2007-12-23 09:55:50 by ClutchAnims

Ok, well last night = The shit.
First i start off by going mothurfucking bowling, my favorite of all the pansy ass sports. Then i played that stacker game (the one where you stack the blue blocks to the top.) and won a wacom graphire (dont know the size yet though.) so that got ordered by the guy at the alley, im picking it up today. So, i look in there and theres one more good prize, Guitar Hero 3, I play again and mothfuckin win
Guitar Hero 3, So, im thinkin that nights not gettin any better, i was proved wrong, Girl whom ive liked for quite some time asked me out ( Can I get a Fuck Yes.)
So, I bet your all wonder ing, "what the Fuck does this have to do with NG?" Well ill tell you, when im in a good mood I animate well and a lot, and seeing as its raining here, theres gonna be lots of work on my upcoming animation.


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2007-12-31 21:09:38

Good for you homopheliac, good for you. I actually want to see it! or them. Cause I saw your background thingys.


2008-01-19 11:58:43

YAY! Animation! Woo!